Frequently asked questions

How do I try Mozaik before committing?

All initial Mozaik™ subscriptions are for 90 days. At the end of the 90 days you will know if the software is right for your business. If so, you can sign up for an annual subscription and continue making the same low monthly payment, or purchase the license outright, or rent it as needed, or walk away. Your choice.
Either way – Mozaik™ is here to help you decide what is best for your business.

Can I try Mozaik free for 30 days?

No. Mozaik™ doesn't offer free trials. Mozaik™ is very different to other software providers. Rather than demoing Mozaik and trying to "sell" you on the software, we make it affordable and easy for you to sign up for a 3-month subscription to Mozaik. That gives you enough time to evaluate if Mozaik is going to be the right fit for your business moving forward. We would rather walk the walk than talk the talk. We also offer new subscribers a one-hour free online training session to help you get started.

Why are the payments in USD? Can I pay in AUD?

All Mozaik payments are in USD. You are buying direct from the developer which means you are not paying a local mark up or middle man fee. Paying in USD actually saves you money.

Who is Cadmate? Am I buying from Mozaik or Cadmate?

Cadmate Pty Ltd is the authorized Australian and New Zealand representative of Mozaik™ Software. It is our job to make sure Mozaik™ is well represented in our region. Mozaik™ understands that our market is different to the rest of the world and to be successful in this market it is important to have local representation to help support, set up and teach Mozaik™ in a way that makes sense for Australia and New Zealand. You are buying the subscription directly from Mozaik™ Software. LLC

I noticed some videos show the measurements in inches. Can Mozaik be set to display millimetres?

Yes, Mozaik can be set to both imperial and metric measurements at the click of a button.

Can someone come to my office to show me a demo?

No, we prefer to walk the walk, rather than talking the talk. Software demos are like watching a politician deliver a COVID-19 update; they are entirely scripted, controlled, repetitive and not completely transparent. Experienced sales reps are highly skilled at showing you the best bits and just "talking" about the not so best bits. That way, you are only viewing the best bits and then hearing a watered-down version of the not so best bits. Like the old adage, seeing is believing. However, one better than seeing is doing. That is why you can't beat trying the software before committing to a long term subscription or purchase.

I still have questions, what do I do next?

Get in touch with us via email or phone call. Email Call +61 2 4204 8001

The subscribe now button takes me to the American Mozaik website, is that right?

Yes, all subscriptions and ongoing payments are via

How do I make sure I get the "Australian" or "New Zeland" version?

The software versions are all the same so no need to worry about that. To be sent a copy of the Cadmate library to ensure you have materials, hardware and cabinets designed for Australia and New Zealand just drop an email to to let us know that you have subscribed and we will provide you with a link to download our entire set up for free.

Where do I sign up?

Do I need to purchase Sketchup™ Pro for Mozaik™?

No, Mozaik™ has 3D modeling software builtin. We do, however, have an interactive link to Sketchup™ that allows our models to be displayed in Sketchup.

Mozaik™ and Cadmate do not sell SketchUp™. This will need to be purchased directly via SketchUp™:

What would I use SkecthUp for?

Many clients use SketchUp™ for things like downloading additional 3D models, integrating their joinery with entire house plans designed in SketchUp™, or the other everyday use is exporting your Mozaik™ design to SketchUp™ and using 3rd party rendering plugin for SketchUp™ to produce high end renders. Lots of the best rendering engines available work with SketchUp™. A few options to consider are:

Can I download Mozaik™ instantly after subscribing?

No, Mozaik™ orders are manually processed by an admin team in America. Orders are generally processed within 1-2 US business days after subscribing. You will be sent a welcome email from Mozaik when your order is ready to be downloaded. Make sure you also notify the team at Cadmate so we can get you scheduled in for training. Best way to notify us is via email -

What happens after I install Mozaik™

The next step is requesting an authorization code to unlock Mozaik™. You will need to ensure you have these completed two steps: 1. Complete the Credit Card Authorization form and return it to 2. Email your UserID to The UserID is generated by your computer when you install Mozaik. This is not something Mozaik will know, you need to email this ID number to

How do I book in for my free training session?


What if I don't have a credit card?

Visa debit cards can also be used. Keep in mind that you may need to notify your bank to ensure they don't block the transaction as the transaction will appear as an international transaction because you are subscribing directly with Mozaik Software LLC in America.