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Cadmate V10 Library for Mozaik™ Software

To coincide with the release of Mozaik™ V10 the team at Cadmate has released an updated cabinet library with lots of new improvements to make life easier for our subscribers. See the full list of improvements and additions below. The best part is this updated library is available free of charge for Mozaik™ subscribers in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us today to arrange a copy.

What's new in the Cadmate V10 Library Update Library Items

  • New base fingerpull & L-Shape Fingerpull Folder added to Cadmate Library V10 so no need to swap between libraries when doing a fingerpull job.

  • New tall Fingerpull & L-Shape Fingerpull folder added to Cadmate Library V10 so no need to swap between libraries when doing a fingerpull job.

  • Added Tall Fingerpull oven towers to both standard and l-shape fingerpull folders

  • Separate end panels with 16mm and 18mm for base, wall and tall

  • New Base Bar Back Panels with 2 equal - 3 equal - 4 equal - 5 equal panels in the one product for both 16 and 18mm

  • Added new drawer cabinet to have 1 narrow drawer and 2 equal

  • Added Base Lemans II cabinets with smart drilling as a parameter left and right hand versions

  • Base & Tall Corner 90 with drilling for legs (as this can't be used with the panel fastener template)

  • Base X wine rack cabinet added in ( Cabinet width & height less toe height most be the same for this to work)

  • New fillers added to base, wall & tall Flush with Cabinet or Flush with Doors

  • Edge fillers added as 16mm or 18mm

  • New L-shaped edged filler added to wall fillers for both 16 and 18mm

  • New Wall Cabinets with built in fillers added

  • Wall X Wine rack cabinet (Cabinet width and height must be the same)

  • Wall & Tall Wingline L system

  • New underpanel 16 & 18mm with striplight and rangehood cutouts that can be turned on or off ( tool will have to be selected for cutout and for strip light pocket - BlindTLM parameter used for rangehood cutout)

  • New Wardrobe Cabinets added to Cadmate Library v10 - Top Panel - Short Hanging Section - Long Hanging Section - Drawer Section - Adj Shelf Section

  • New Toe Base with toe fronts that can be turned on and off and have the ability to add scribe and oversize toe front left or right

  • New Toe Base With Plastic legs attached with toe fronts that can be turned off and on with the ability to add scribe to the left and right

  • New toe that comes out as a kickboard face only

  • New Folder added SketchUp Models this contains the new sinks and also an Australian/New Zealand power point

Door Library

  • New V-Groove door controlled by spacing width (starts from centre of door and equally spaces grooves)

  • New V-Groove door controlled by Quantity ( type in how many grooves you want on the door and it will equally space them left to right)

New Features/Fixes

  • Fixed issue with blind panel mounting plate drilling (position of drilling controlled by parameter "HingeCenter")

  • Fillers have a new feature that allows them to be oversized for cutting and scribing while displaying as the correct size on the drawings

  • Fixed Aventos HK to show handles

  • New V-Groove Spacing parameter to go with V-groove spacing door

  • New V-Groove Quantity parameter to go with V-Groove QTY door

  • A3 & A4 horizontal Title blocks

New Drawer Systems/Hinges

  • Hafele Alto

  • Finista

  • Finista Swift

  • Nikpol DTC Titanium X, Smooth & Dragon Pro

  • Blum Movento

  • Hafele Innobox

  • Hafele Matrix Box Slim A

  • Nover Krome Linea

  • Nover Krome Premium

  • Kling Slide Ball Bearing runners

  • Titus Tekform DW

  • Titus Tekform Slimline

  • Hettich Sensys 110 hinges

  • Hettich Sensys 110 hinge inline mounting plate

New Colour Ranges

  • Updated Polytec Range for doors and panels

  • Added Polytec Benchtops and Laminate Range

  • Added Prime Panels

  • Updated Caesarstone Range

  • Added Quantum Quartz Range ( currently missing Bella Carrara, Leggero, Metro Concrete, Argento, Monte Bianco, Naturale Concrete, Nuovo Arabescato, Riviera)

  • SmartStone Range

SketchUp Items

  • Added Double bowl With drainer left and right without tap

  • Added Double bowl with drainer left and right with tap

  • Added new round countertop basin

  • Added new square countertop basin

  • Added new oval countertop basin

  • Added single bowl with drainer left and right without tap

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