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Automatically combines

6th face programs

If you are using Cabinet Vision and producing 6th face files, this program is for you. It runs silently in the background and automatically detects new 'A' & 'Z' 6th face files, then combines them into one file. This is a big time saver for auto-loading and auto-unloading CNC machines. The sheet will be loaded and the 'A' side will be run first, then a pause is inserted into the program that allows the machine operator to flip the sheet and resume the program. The 'Z' size will then be run and the sheet will be pushed off. 

Currently supports Biesse CIX and Anderson machine formats. Contact me to discuss adding support for your machine. Even if you don't have an auto-loading and auto-unloading machine having just the one file is a time saver and also prevents the machine operator running the files in the incorrect order. 

Config Form.jpg

Simple configuration

Inside the program you can configure the location of your Cabinet Vision exports. This folder is then scanned constantly for changes and will automatically combine new files detected. You can also select a folder for the 'A' and 'Z' programs to be archived to.

Another option in the config is to control the lines that are removed from the 'A' and 'Z' program and the pause command text that is inserted automatically. Once this is setup you won't need to change it again unless you change machines. 

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